In Gloucestershire, the boundaries of our key organisations already match. This is a great advantage as we are all focused on delivering public services and success to the same population. We have a single local enterprise partnership. We have a Gloucestershire Constabulary and a Police and Crime Commissioner. We have a single NHS Clinical Commissioning Group and six district councils and one county council all within that same boundary.

We are Gloucestershire sets out our devolution ‘asks’ of government and ‘offers’ from Gloucestershire, so we can drive economic growth and public sector reform.

Devolution would not replace existing organisations, but would have representation from them. It would mean that a new legal body would need to be set up which is democratic, accountable and effective. It would not replace existing councils. It would however build on the close working relationships we already have, removing red-tape, making it easier to work together helping remove duplication, and making it easier to share resources and expertise.

We are Gloucestershire is endorsed by the county council, the six district councils, the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group, the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), the Gloucestershire Constabulary and the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner.

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